Dead Or Alive Comes To PSP

Tecmo’s Dead or Alive Xtreme series has always seemed a little Japanese to me, sure, I get the idea, and the actual volleyball was pretty good, but as a full price game it was always a little bit ’empty’.   However, it’s now coming to the PSP, so I’ll probably take another look seeing as how the little PSPgo can currently do no wrong in my eyes at the moment.

According to AndriaSang, the game appears to include everything that was in the Xbox 360 sequel, including Beach Volleyball, Pool Hopping, and Casinos, in which you can play poker, black jack, and slots.  Naturally, the game’s focus is still on the women themselves – you use money you win in the games to purchase clothing and items from the game’s shops.


The game will also feature a camera, with which you can take pics.  The game’s out April 2nd, in Japan.