PSN Video Store Gets Special Edition Of “Cars”

In what will be the first of (we assume) many such deals, the PlayStation Network Video Delivery Service is offering a special edition of Pixar’s “Cars” between now and the 20th of December.  UK customers will be able to download the “fast-paced animated adventure”, along with the extra films (El Materdor and Mater and The Ghostlight), straight to their PS3 or PSP – the rental is priced £2.49.

I think this is pretty neat, and although I’m sure most people will already own Cars (it’s a great movie) the rental prices are actually rather well thought out.  I do have a vague recollection of at least one of the special extra animations being present on the Blu-ray already, but that’s not really the point – if Sony are courting the big studios with special edition releases that must mean the Video Delivery Service is doing OK.