Red Faction’s Xmas Bonus

Quintuple XP until close of play on Monday (PST). EDF or Red Faction may be a choice you have not considered for a few months but Volition are obviously keen to entice you away from the battlefields of Afghanistan and bombed-out Washington to get you littering the face of Mars with the bodies of your vanquished foes.

Not content just to offer the standard double XP weekend, starting from noon PST (8PM GMT) today demolishing players and buildings on the surface of Mars in Red Faction Guerrilla’s online modes will earn you five times the standard XP.


So if you are still short of the 100,000 XP you need for that gold trophy to complete your collection or do not feel that your life will be complete unless your character can wield the Ostrich Hammer that is awarded at 120,000 XP, then the next five days are a good time to grab your backpack and demo charges and make a return visit to Mars to blow the crap out of the place.

See you there.