EA Are Number 1 In Europe

After losing out to Nintendo in 2008, EA have reclaimed their crown as Europe’s number one publisher. 2009 for Electronic Arts hasn’t been great by any means, but despite sales of packaged goods down by an estimated 10%, EA claim to have a market share of 19% in Europe.

It’s hardly surprising when you consider FIFA 10 has sold millions, with Europe being the most improtant market for a game based around football (I refuse to call it soccer). Need For Speed: Shift and Dragon Age: Origins helped EA’s situation but with the closure of Pandemic Studios and news that EA were to concentrate on established IPs, it was clear that not all was well at Electronic Arts.


But Dante’s Inferno, Dead Space 2 and many others, including “a lot of PDLC” for Dragon Age, could see EA holding on to their leading position in 2010, although they face very fierce competition from Sony in the coming 12 months.

Source: MCV