How To Become: Veronica Belmont

“How To Become,” is a new feature to TheSixthAxis consisting of a very informal interview in which I ask high-profile people in gaming what helped them achieve such greatness, how their current projects are doing and something rather odd about themselves. I plan on this being a fortnightly event but, due to the busy schedules of our Kings and Queens, this may be altered slightly. Enjoy.


Name: Veronica Belmont  VB
Age: 27
Birthplace: Hartford, Connecticut
College: Studied Audio Production and New Media Studies at Emerson College, Boston
Background information:
Born July 21st, Veronica has certainly had some life. With numerous appearances at Gaming Shows and plenty of sites grabbing at her for podcasts (we’d love her) and video content, she is one of the more well known faces of gaming and technology. But what made Veronica, voted one of the sexiest geeks, what she is now?

Q: Obviously now you have plenty of different jobs/projects but what was your very first job, perhaps when you were a teenager? (And I mean your very first job e.g. paper round)
A: My very first job was at Lindt Chocolate, at one of their retail stores. I stood around and ate truffles all day. Not bad!

Q: And what was your very first job in the gaming industry?
A: I worked on some gaming stuff at CNET, but my first big gaming-specific gig was covering GDC for Joystiq. We shot a bunch of videos and interviews, but it was a bit overkill. The commenters were pretty sick of my mug by the end of the week!

Q: Among the PS3 community, you are most known for presenting Qore. How do you think this project is progressing?
A: It’s been great! The upcoming January episode is one of our favorites yet. We’ve been working with the formula and trying out new things, so it’s kept it interesting for us. We were really excited to offer the ModNation Racers beta for subscribers last month too.

Q: Do you have any other projects planned within the gaming industry?
A: Not at the moment. I’m exclusive to Qore and the PS3, so that’s my #1 focus when it comes to gaming projects. I’m just trying to find time to play all the games we cover! It’s kind of impossible.

Q: Are you a PS3er or Xboxer?
A: I do own both (which seems to anger people, for some reason…) but I’ve been spending a lot more time on the PS3 lately, playing Borderlands and Uncharted 2. I did finish Dragon Age on the PC, though.

Q: Could you tell us one weird fact about yourself? Such as, you can lick you elbow etc.
A: Hmm… well, I can’t lick my elbow (I just tried). I can make my stomach gurgle really loudly, though. Like an alien baby is about to explode from it. It’s totally gross sounding, but it always makes me crack up.

Q: Anything else you would like to add?
A: If you’re a Qore subscriber, thank you!! Also, check out my other show Tekzilla on Revision3 if you want, it’s my tech show with Patrick Norton.

So there we have it, the key to success in the gaming industry is eating lots of truffles as a kid and having alien babies. A big thanks to Veronica for agreeing to my questions and being the very first interviewee. Shame she has a boyfriend, Ryan Block of Engadget, eh? Don’t forget to head on over to her website for a look and remember to check out Qore next month, if you can. Let’s see who I can corner next.