How To Become: Stewart Gilray

On to our third How To Become now and the celebrities are just queuing up to take part. Just Add Water’s Stewart Gilray (of Gravity Crash fame), being the Scot that he is, has battered and beaten through the competition though and demanded that we question him first.

Everyone else will just have to wait.

Name: Stewart Gilraysgilray3
Age: 39.9
Birthplace: Paisley, Scotland
University attended: Haha, I went to “The College of Commerce” in Aberdeen, but it was useless so I ended up bunking off most of the time and writing games on ST/Amiga.
Background information: Having worked with big names, such as EA, and now head of JAW, Stewart has been in the industry for quite a while (longer than I’ve been on this rock anyway). But what’s he up to now and where did he get that hat?


Q: You’ve been in the gaming industry for quite a long time now, almost 20 years I believe, but before all the magic begun what was your very first job?

A: Actually, I started when I was almost 19, so that’s 21 years. First job, I delivered newspapers in my village, 7 days a week. Usually at 5pm Mon-Sat, then 8:30am on a Sunday, that was at 14ish.

Q: And in this amazing industry of ours, what was your first job?

A: I was a programmer, so the first published title was an adventure game on the Atari ST called “Lost Soul”. Just after that my small team of 4 wrote the intro sequence for PowerMonger on the ST/Amiga.

Q: Gravity Crash did very well on the PS3 and a PSP version is in development. Can you tell us how things are going on behind-the-scenes?

A: On Gravity Crash? We’ve just finished a patch for the PS3 version to tidy up some bits and eliminate a couple of bugs that have been hanging around, PSP wise we’re very near the end, but not as near as I would like. So we’re pretty busy on it still.

Q: Obviously you are doing very well for yourself as CEO of JAW but do you have any other projects lined up or is everything JAW (Just Add Water) -based?

A: Games projects, no it’s all JAW. I set JAW up as a channel for that side of my creativity.

Q: And what is your weapon of choice; PS3 or Xbox 360?

A: PS3.

Q: If you could be any gaming character, which would you choose and why?

A: Altair or Ezio from the Assassins Creed titles, not just to live and experience those times, but to be able to climb up and job off buildings in a Base Jumping kinda way. Cool!

Q: No gamer is ever normal, so what is your weird thing?

A: Interesting question, most of the people know me know that my pet weird outlet is my love for the Canadian band Rush, to the point I used to run a fanzine with a friend, I used to run the biggest Rush fan convention in the world, and I used to play guitar in a Rush tribute band. So yeah, pretty weird.

Q: Finally, do you have anything to add?

A: Nothing other than, that was relatively painless, I was expecting more probing questions, like how much is a pint of milk, which is 56 pence by the way.

Who needs Uni, eh? Seeing as Stewart didn’t sell himself (I gave him the chance) I’ll do it for him. Keep an eye on JAW’s site for any news about the PSP Gravity Crash and maybe give him a follow on Twitter. We love his work here at TheSixthAxis and can’t wait to see what else he will create. If you would like to see who else has been questioned, have a look here.