Criterion Considering Crash Mode?

I played Burnout Paradise over the weekend for the first time in months, and it’s still brilliant.  Despite not having much in the way of an internet connection round our way, the single player is deep and satisfying and the masses of multiplayer options and the way your friends’ progress is integrated into everything you do is just sublime.  It’s a brilliant game and one still worth picking up.

The one thing that didn’t work so well for me, though, was the lack of a Crash mode in Paradise, but that, if a brief exchange of Tweets between the developers and our very own Chris last night is to be believed, might be on its way to becoming a reality for whatever Criterion do next.  “We’ve been playing some Burnout 3: Takedown – still fun to play,” they said.


“Takedown & Revenge are just perfect,” replied Chris.  “Should I ask if you were re-acquainting yourself with the ‘proper’ Crash mode?”

There is always a reason for everything you know,” said Criterion in response.  Extrapolating’s what you do when it’s nearly Christmas and news is sparse, but Chris mentioned this to me last night and although it’s not earth shattering in itself, it does make you pause and think for a little while.  If whatever Criterion are doing next is going to feature a Crash mode, I’m in heaven.