Heavy Rain DLC

Heavy Rain is not a game so let me introduce to you something that is not DLC. It may look like DLC, it may sound like DLC but I’m sure David Cage will call it ‘Additional Emotional Experiences’ or something equally pretentious. According to the lovely chaps over at Digital Spy the content will be called ‘The Heavy Rain Chronicles’ and will help flesh out the characters from the main game.

‘Chronicle One: The Taxidermist’ features journalist Madison Paige as she investigates a man who likes stuffing animals. If this sounds familiar it is because this chronicle will be based around the 2008 Heavy Rain demo. It will be available at the launch of the game either via the PSN or you can buy the Heavy Rain collectors edition. This will feature a voucher for the DLC, the sound track CD and most excitingly, a customised Heavy Rain XMB! Cor!