OnLive: The Future Is Coming

We’ve had a look at OnLive on a few occasions before, but other than some marketing spiel haven’t seen too much of it in action. OnLive is a games on-demand service which gives anyone the ability to play any game on their TV, PC or Mac via a broadband connection. The game is ‘hosted’ on a remote server which does all the processing and streams the game to your browser (via a tiny plug-in) or to an OnLive console (expected to be $99 or free with subscription) Apparently anyone with a connection greater than 1.5mbps will be able to play in SD, whereas users with 5mbps connection will get the full HD treatment.

I could spend ages taking about it, as I’m hugely excited by the technology and hope it will mean an end to buying a new console every 5 years or so (even more often if they break down, hey Mr. YLoD!) and then worrying about whether my expensive back catalogue of games will be compatible, of course where this leaves Sony and a possible PS4 isn’t known, but billions of dollars of possible investment in chip technologies may be put to better use exploring ‘remote gaming’ opportunities of their own.

Anyway enough talk – take a look at the vid below which at the 12min mark shows the OnLive UI, Crysis Wars running on a fairly low specced Mac at 720p 60fps and amazingly even iPhone connectivity.

Source: GamerTag Radio.