Final Fantasy XIII Sales Drop

I considered opening this article with a pun on the word “final” and the fact that Final Fantasy XIII has seen a drop in sales, but I decided against it. Partly due to the fact that puns using the word “final” appear far too often with Final Fantasy games, but mostly because I’m just really poor with word play. I honestly can’t even get the simplest things. The worst thing is with any of Michael’s posts. Everyone is loling away in the comments and it takes me about 5 read-throughs before I even start to understand the genus within.

On topic however, Final Fantasy XIII has seen a drop in sales. Usually this wouldn’t be anything worth reporting as most games see a drop in sales between their first and second weeks. The thing that makes this newsworthy is that the drop is massive, falling from one and a half million copies to not even 200,000 with only 189,000 sold last week.


Not only is this just a drop in sales but it’s also caused it to slip from first place to fourth in the charts. Adding insult to injury, the game in 3rd place is Friend Collection for the DS, a basic version of the Sims that uses your Miis and that’s been out since June. However, New Super Mario Bros Wii and The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks are in first and second place respectively which is more acceptable. Whilst I can’t talk on Zelda, I played 4 player Mario the other night and it was fantastic!

If I’m perfectly honest about it all, it doesn’t surprise me that this has happened. The jump is larger than I expected, but it was expected. Final Fantasy XIII in Japan felt very much like a game that needed to be played the second it came out. Japan’s culture as a whole always wants the latest gadget or craze as soon as it’s physically possible so it makes sense that everyone who wanted FFXIII got it when it came out and now we’re just left with everyone who’s playing catch up because they fell asleep under a coffee table and slept in on the 17th. Another factor that could be contributing is that a lot of the big stores had sold out by the afternoon of the 17th. The posters were there, but the shelves were empty.

Still though, I doubt that this will be the final time we see it in the charts ..

Source: Neogaf