MAG Beta Update. We’re Having Server Hiccups – Zipper

So, now that you’ve suffered the 1.8 GB this-operation-can-not-be-performed-in-the-background download of the final beta to Zipper’s incoming MAG, how’s it working out for you? Are you running around dying every thirty seconds? Or have you already mastered the fine art of command and are consistently owning newbs left, right and centre?

Probably not considering the servers are borked. Despite some people getting in (and queuing for a long time for the privilege), it would appear that the MAG servers have gone MAGma. Replying to the endless comments over at the Official US Blog from people wondering when the fun will actually start, Zipper’s Jeremy Dunham has stated:

.. we’re having a bit of a server hiccup. We’re fixing now with the highest priority. Realistically, it looks like within the hour.

Doesn’t really bode well for the game’s actual release at the end of this month, does it? Then again, this open beta was always about the stress, and it looks like Zipper are experiencing it now considering the servers have just collapsed during the first few hours of the game’s global beta free-for-all.

Addendum: According to the people in the know over on the MAG forums, Zipper are in the process of completely restarting the servers and implementing a fix. MAG should be up and running within the half hour.