SOCOM And MAG Servers Shutting Down

Zipper Interactive, the developers of SOCOM, MAG and Vita title Unit 13 – who appear to like to shout their game’s titles – were closed down by Sony in March 2012. Now, well over a year later the severs for their biggest PS3 games will be shutting down their servers, at the start of next year.

MAG and SOCOM 4 were met with a mixed response, though both of these games were very multiplayer orientated, MAG particularly so, with impressive 256 player concurrent players in a match. I’m sure there are still people who play these games, even with the plethora of multiplayer titles available.


It’s a sad situation and perhaps one of the first real signs that Sony are ready for the next generation; they haven’t chosen to shut down the co-operative servers for Unit 13 just yet.

It’s also a reminder that not everything lasts forever, particularly when expensive servers are needed to host the games – we might not be able to pull out a game for the nostalgic online multiplayer in fifteen years or so time; I’ll be very sad the day CoD4’s servers close down.

The SOCOM: Confrontation, SOCOM 4 and MAG servers will shut down fully on the 28th of January 2014.



  1. Got to try and get back onto MAG. I hope it’s not totally dead. I loved that game.

    • You somehow freakishly got the platinum didn’t you? Christ that was a tough one, wanted to go for it myself but just takes so long!

    • I was thinking that too, I quite enjoyed it but it was definitely flawed. Serious kudos for the plat though, that’s dedication.

    • One of my standout moments in online gaming was throwing a grenade at you, Tef. Shame we were on the same team, but it was a hell of a shot, bouncing off two objects to land at your feet, like the best game of explosive crazy golf.

      A shame to see MAG go, but I suppose it’s the natural order of things. If it was still popular, it wouldn’t be an issue, but hopefully the announcement of the shutdown will give it a last hurrah, I know I’ll be having a look.

  2. Mag was excellent. Yes it got very mixed reviews but the scale and intensity of everything was awesome. Funny because only recently I saw it for 3 quid, was tempted to try and get back into it but never bothered. May try and give it one last blast before server shut dow. Anyone know if there are many games still going on it? Could be pretty difficult getting a full match with 250 players needed.

  3. I’m not too arsed about MAG but I’m gutted about SOCOM 4. Will that mean even the co-op will be buggered?

    • I loved the socom 4 beta, was all ready to play the full online mode, and bam, that’s when PSN went down…never got back into it, as there were so many other games to play.

      might have to try before it’s gone

  4. I see a SOCOM 4 revival for the next 6 months!

  5. I tried playing MAG two weeks ago. I couldn’t get into a match, there was nobody around at all. Completely dead.

    I never played Socom 4 though I always intended to. I suppose I won’t bother now, shame.

  6. I thought they had shutdown the socom servers last year, around the same time as motorstorm pacific rift. So I still have half a year for online trophies?

  7. Never really liked SOCOM 4’s mutliplayer but MAG was great fun to begin with. Only last week I was wondering when Sony would pull the plug on it.

  8. MAG was totally rubbish IMO. Socom was hard to get into if you hadn’t played the earlier games. To be fair if no one is playing them then they should shut them down, they wont shut down servers if they are being filled, like COD4 etc.

  9. Really sad to hear this but I’m not surprised, spent some serious time on MAG, from beta phase 2 right up to around a year ago, great game that a lot just didn’t get properly. Same as Socom, both niche titles with a very hardcore following.

  10. Sad day for Me,Mag was probably the only forwards thinking MP shooter of this gen.Miss the days where a high K/D ratio just meant you weren’t pushing hard enough.
    Massive congrats for platinum on that game Teflon.

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