Home Gets Guns

And a new Uncharted 2 space.

Zipper Still Committed To M.A.G

Also SOCOM out this year.

Secret Game Is SOCOM

Surprise Surprise.

SOCOM Cold Front DLC Arrives in Europe Jan 7th

And the fans are really not happy about it.

SOCOM: Confrontation Expands

Cold Front Expansion Pack coming soon.

SOCOM 1.50 Patch Incoming

Clan Ladders, Tournaments, Calendar, Follow-A-Friend, and Private Games.

Newsround 30/07/09

Release dates, sequels galore, coloured PS3 Controllers and the most played PS3 online game

SOCOM Countdown Begins

A confrontation with SOCOM is now imminent, get your diaries out.

Some Tasty Release Dates

We all like to know when game will be hitting the shelves. Especially one of these.

SOCOM: Confrontation Trophies

Another 37 trophies. If you thought Street Fighter IV was meh…

Edge Xmas Scores

PS3 big hitter Resistance 2 gets 6/10. Need for Speed gets LULZ.