SOCOM Countdown Begins

We’ve waited, and waited and then even waited some more, but the good news now is that the wait is almost over.


SOCOM: Confrontation has now been officially confirmed for release on 13th March (UK), 18th March (EU) and 19th March (PSN). Anticipating a big cry about knowing these dates before, this is an official announcement, not a repeat of previously mentioned rumours.

The game was launched some time ago in the states to a lukewarm reception, where the initial reviews were decidedly average mainly due to numerous bugs, however since it’s initial release the game has undergone many fixes, to provide a far more stable gaming experience.

SOCOM is currently available for a bargain £28.99 from, and this even includes the official PS3 Bluetooth Headset, which is considerably cheaper than the expected £39.99 RRP the game will be selling for on the PSN.