Newsround 30/07/09

Despite working hard to bring you a wealth of updates and more features than you can shake a stick at, I’ve had a nagging feeling that’s not enough, so as a one off Thursday morning special here is a collection of stuff that may not have shone so brightly in the headline stakes.

First up some TSA news, it appears that one or two of readers aren’t aware of our new Release Dates section, you can check it out using the link in the nav-bar at the top of the page. The section is very much in it’s infancy but will become Europe’s most comprehensive place for PS3, PSP and 360 release dates. You will also find our world famous PSN Store Update information in there, generally before the rest of the Internet catches up.


Too early to go in our release dates section but not too early for a snippet of information is the news that during a Top Cow’s Comic-Con panel, head of the comic publisher Marc Silvestri announced that a sequel to The Darkness is in the works. The the sequel will not be being developed by the same team responsible for the original, Starbreeze, as they are reportedly busy working on two projects for EA.

Good news about sequels doesn’t stop there however, as the latest issue of Japanese gaming mag Famitsu is carrying news about a sequel to hit co-op JRPG, White Knight Chronicles. This is hardly surprising news as the original title launched to huge sales success in Japan. To think, we only have to wait until October 30th to be able to get our hands on the original, by which time WKC3 will be announced.

The any colour you like as long as its black  (or white if you don’t mind importing) adage no longer exists because news has broken that you’ll soon be able to get your mitts on blue and red DualShock 3’s. The ‘metallic blue’ and ‘deep red’ PS3 Controllers will be hitting US stores this October. Yep, unfortunately they are only confirmed for the US at the moment, but we can live in hope that SCEE will bring a bit of colour to our festive season. Check back for the pics following shortly.

And Finally…

Killzone 2 is awesome, right? Battlefield 1943 launched to record downloads sales, and Resistance 2 features whopping 60 player online battles, but none of these titles are the most popular PS3 online game (in the US at least) . That honour goes to SOCOM: Confrontation. Senior Producer Mark Rogers has revealed that SOCOM has not only the most players who connect simultaneously, but also to play an online game in a more dedicated fashion. Presumably the picture would be very different for the rest of the world who prefer their online action a little less bug ridden (not looking at you Battlefield 1943 either) although more recently patches are reported to have sorted out the majority of SOCOM’s niggles – Are you listening EA/DICE?

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