UK PS3/360 Charts: Week Ending 2nd Jan

Wow! It’s 2010 and it already feels…exactly the same as every other year that has passed us by. This year promises to be full of new and exciting games, but for now, let’s have a look at what the first chart of 2010 looks like.

UK PS3 Chart: Week ending 2nd January:


Modern Warfare 2 is still at number one; hooray for variety! Not much else is happening in the charts lately. Uncharted 2 has climbed back into the top three, Batman is back in the top ten as is The Saboteur.


PS3 0201

UK 360 Chart: Week ending 2nd January:

Once again the story is very similar on the Xbox 360. The only thing to note is that FIFA 10 has slipped from the top five and Borderlands and Call of Duty 4 have regained a place in the top ten.

360 0201

So, that’s the first chart of 2010. It’s not amazing but hopefully we’ll soon see a bit of a shake up.

Source: Chart Track