Sony To Launch 3D TV Channel

On precisely 47 occasions over the past couple of days I’ve gone to write an article but have been beaten to the punch by one TSA’s other fine writers. So I’ve had to resort to non-gaming news to steal a march on them, don’t worry though I will tenuously tie it to the PS3 in the end.

Rumours emanating from ‘industry insiders’ suggest that Sony is preparing to launch a 3D TV channel in partnership with IMAX and the Discovery group this news follows the announcement that Disney owned ESPN, will be launching a 3DTV channel in time for this year’s World Cup. No news on anything for the UK, but we do know Sky will carrying out a firmware upgrade on their HD boxes enabling to receive the forthcoming Sky+HD3D service, and the BBC have also stated an interest.


Sony have stated recently that at least 50% of all their new TVs will be 3D in the next couple of years so it makes sense that they look to provide 3D content to help ensure all these TVs aren’t left on store’s shelves. This is presumably also where the PlayStation 3 comes in – we all know that the PS3 isn’t really a games machine but instead a trojan horse designed to make Blu-ray the dominant media format, and phase 2 of the dastardly plan could see the PS3 turning 3D via a future firmware update.

Presumably then if they can make enough 3D content and 3D games causing people to rush out and buy their 3D tellies in a high enough volume they might even turn a profit someday. Oh, and expect more ‘industry’ news in the coming days because it’s CES time over in Sin City.

Source: RegHardware.