Game Characters in Snow

Have you looked outside over the past few weeks? You may have noticed it’s a bit white in some places. What with all the fluffy weather, some gamers may by the smallest chance be teased away from their huge HDTVs and central heating to go outside and play in the sub-zero temperatures to make their 2D adventures a 3D (yet black-and-white) reality.

‘TheMethod’ on the Official EU PlayStation Forum posted photos yesterday of their Sackboy creations in the snow. It was so good in fact that Media Molecule have since posted it on their blog, and the Community Manager on the EU Forum threw a copy of Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time, and a t-shirt at them to encourage them back into the warmth.

So I went on a little hunt to find some snowy games characters over the last years from various people and came back with 3 others. They are Master Chief (2007), Pyramid Head (2008), Sonic the Hedgehog (2009) together with the new Sackboy (2010). Take a clicky about below. Perhaps you’ve been busy with the white stuff yourself? No not that. Or that either. If you’ve made anything interesting out of snow, post us a link. We’d love to see. Snow that is. Remember. Snow.

Source: (Pyramid Head) KnightsOfNight via Joystiq. (Sackboy) Official EU PlayStation Forum via (Master Chief) Facebook Photo via Digg via GamesRadar. (Sonic) SonicChannel via Siliconera.