Sony Extend PSN Beyond PS3 and PSP

At the Sony Consumer Electronics Press Conference early this morning in the UK, after 4pm in the US, Kaz Hirai announced that Premium Video Content on the PlayStation Network is going to become available on all internet-enabled Bravia TVs, Vaio laptops and other PCs. That’s SD and HD films streamed directly to your TV or laptop.

Sony want to bring the PSN over to as many of their products as possible. Kaz explained how Sony have already got the management, payment and distribution rules and interfaces with the PS3 and PSP, and wish to bring all of these to their other products where the PSN ID and PSN wallet are all one and the same. So you’ll be able to sit by your internet-enabled Bravia, sign in with your PSN ID, pay out of your PSN wallet, and stream a movie from the service without the PS3 or PSP anywhere in sight. As the PSN moves off to products that can’t really hold the “PS” sign, this extension of the PlayStation Network is now coming until the title of ‘Sony Network Entertainment Inc’ (SNE).


Sony also revealed the ‘Sony Dash’, a chunky portable device to sit on the desk that displays bed-side alarm clock, news, weather, maps, recipes, photos, top-10 lists, keep-fit tips and so on, with the mentioning of downloading apps, iPhone style. While the Dash wasn’t mentioned in the immediate SNE lineup, it was mentioned to include video clip and full-length film playback. So if SNE works across the PC and TV, it’s only a matter of time before Sony hook SNE up to this internet-enabled ornament.

The initial idea of bringing across the same rules to some pre-existing products is effectively a simple one, which partly goes towards the service beginning in the US this February 2010. More information is to be elaborated in the coming days and weeks.

Source: SonyElectonicsCommunity Live Feed.