EA Hire Creator Of NBA Jam

It’s probably fair to say that Basketball is not an overly popular sport in this country, but many of our older members must surely remember playing the classic basketball game, NBA Jam? Despite the fact that my knowledge of the sport is limited to knowing that the bouncy thing goes in the dangling net and that you get more points for scoring outside the maze of white lines that surround the basket, the game was one of my all-time favourites; of course it helped that the ball would burst into flames during a winning streak and upon dunking the firey sphere the net would also go up in flames. It also helped that over-enthusiastic annoucers would shout “He’s on fire” and “Boomshakalaka” at you, it was fun, entertaining and offered some great offline mulitplayer action, too. Well, the man behind NBA Jam, Mark Turmell, has now joined EA.

Apparently there are rumours that EA have acquired the rights to NBA Jam and, therefore, immediately leading to speculation that they plan on bringing it back to our consoles.


Turmell was full of praise for his new employers when he sat down for a Q&A session with EA’s official sports blog, but it seems that the man himself is eager to get his hands on the Madden Franchise and the NCAA titles.

Whether it be a PSN/XBLA game or a full-blown boxed realease, I for one hope that NBA Jam does return in an updated HD fashion and provide us with many more hours of enjoyment. If this does come to fruition I hope Turmell has a hand in it as keeping it as close to the original as possible would surely be the best way to go?