Play As The Origami Killer In Heavy Rain DLC?

Take this one with a gigantic pinch of sodium chloride. According to a site called Ironstarmovement, while interviewing a developer at the CES 2010 event, Quantic Dream apparently hinted at the prospect of playing as Heavy Rain’s infamous serial killer as part of future DLC. If true, this revelation really does suggest Heavy Rain is pushing new boundaries when it comes to interactive story-telling.

It’s not the first time you can play a game’s bad guy, of course. But in a plot driven title, flipping things on its head and allowing players to embody the game’s nemesis … well, that’s pretty innovative if you ask us. We know that DLC is coming for Heavy Rain but the authenticity of this rumour can not be ratified at this time. We’ll dig a little deeper to see what we find. Bodies, no doubt.