Rumour: Killzone 3, Infamous 2, Resistance 3 To Be Announced At E3

This month’s Official PlayStation Magazine purports to having prophetic abilities. In its rumours section, Killzone 3, Infamous 2 and Resistance 3 (a trio of  games we were  pretty sure were coming anyway) have all been quoted as making their debuts at this year’s E3. It’s not the first time any of these games have popped up on our games radar. A Resistance 3 billboard appeared a while back, as did a voice actor who revealed he was working on Sucker Punch’s super/anti-hero sequel. And Killzone 3 rumours have been circling since the second one came out.

The rumours section of the mag also predicts a custom God of War III PS3 when the game launches, while Metal Gear Rising has “an 85% chance of coming out this side of Christmas.” We’re not sure what kind of voodoo algorithm is being employed to come up with these statistics, but they’re duly noted.

Source: GameThirst