PS2 Gamers Not Aware Of DLC

Surveys carried out by consulting firms can often be a source of amusement. Generally that amusement comes from the way they manage to point out the bleeding obvious.  A recent survey conducted in America by the media consulting firm Frank N. Magid Associates is one of those.

The survey asked console gamers if they were aware that they could buy additional content for their games via downloads.  There were around 800 respondents to the survey (yes, I know that is a tiny number of people to draw any conclusions about) and 43% of those responded that they had no idea that additional content was available.  15% replied that they have bought DLC and 41% said they knew about it but had not bought any.

Fairly reasonable so far, especially if you take Microsoft’s recent figures that only around 50% of Xbox 360s ever find their way onto the Internet and assume connection rates for the PS3 are similar.  Only that is not the case with this survey.  Speaking to IGN Mike Vorhaus, President of the consulting firm in question, said that those who were not aware of DLC when asked are typically playing on the PS2 and Wii.

Is it any surprise that people playing on those two consoles, which DLC is not generally available for, are not aware of DLC?  There are a handful of Wii titles that support DLC but the majority of Wii owners are not the type of gamers who will be looking for DLC.  As for the PS2 I can only think of one game, FFXI, that even supported the HDD let alone had any DLC available.

Perhaps the story that should be taken from this survey is that among owners of 360s and PS3 awareness of DLC is widespread.  That in itself is not surprising given the level of marketing material on the console interfaces even if it has never been connected to the Internet.  The 360’s dashboard is little more than an advert delivery system these days and even the XMB is starting to feel like it has at least one PSN Store link under every main icon.  (How long before lonely gamers on either console can pay for advertising on other people’s friends lists?  Surely Sony and Microsoft are missing out on a huge market for a ‘friend matching’ service.  /joke)

Of the 56% of gamers surveyed who are aware of DLC only just over a quarter of them have bought any.  The remainder cannot all be people who heard the horror stories about Oblivion’s Horse Armour and LBP’s t-shirts and subsequently vowed never to buy any DLC.  With the survey having taken place in America, points cards for XBLA, PSN and Wii have been available for a long time so not being old enough to own a debit or credit card cannot be the reason either.

I am curious about the reasons why such a high proportion of the (admittedly small number of) gamers surveyed have not bought any DLC.  I am aware that I may be asking the wrong group of people but are there any of you with a PS3 or 360 who have not bought any DLC and if so, what are your reasons?