The TSA Reader Survey – With The Chance to Win a PS3

Hello, let’s get straight to the point. We need some new data about what kind of people visit our website. We’re going to collect and send that data to people who decide whether or not to spend money on buying our ad space. It’ll all be anonymous for those submitting their responses, obviously.

We’d also like to know a little bit about what you like (or don’t) about TheSixthAxis and your gaming habits and media consumption habits in general. We’re going to use that data ourselves to try to make this a better website for you but it will also be completely anonymous.


So we’ve put together a survey that will return some answers we can use. It took a while to put together and it’ll take a while to collect the data and then organise it and work out what it might all mean. We’d really appreciate it if you’d take the time to fill it out and send it in.

Because we appreciate your time and because this information will be quite valuable to us as we strive to improve and make TSA a better place, we thought there should be some kind of incentive for helping us gather it. So we’ve got our hands on a brand new 500GB PlayStation 3 to give away to one lucky entrant. It’s the new slidey-top “Super Slim” model, too.

If you want to be entered into the random draw for the PS3, you just have to leave your email address with your survey answers and we’ll let select a winner once we’ve stopped taking survey responses. If you don’t want to include your email address, that’s fine too, but we do need it to include you in the prize draw.

The survey will be available to fill out for the next week or two. If you want to do it now, and it should take less than ten minutes, just click here. It’ll be available through the banner image at the top of the site for a while too, in an effort to get as many people to fill it out as possible!



  1. I don’t usually partake in this sort of thing, but for you? Done.

    Plus, I could really use that 500GB! ;)

    • Oh no – I have just noticed the mention of I’m pretty sure that site hates me!

      Oh well, at least I was of some assistance in some small meaningless way! :D

      • Yeah I’ve never been lucky with either, but hey, you’ve got to be in it to win it!! You never know, one day maybe!!

  2. Survey completed.
    Would I like to win the PS3? Yes.
    Am I likely to win the PS3? No.
    Does that really bother me? No.

    • Would i like to win the PS3? Yes.
      Will the answear to this question be the same as R1Ms second question? ….
      Does that really bother me? To not know the answear to the second Question? YES!

  3. I could REALLY use that 500gb since my blu-ray laser on my 250gb Slim has just given out!

  4. survey done, nice and easy :) no intention to win either

  5. Survey done and may I say it alot easier than eurogamers recent survey.

  6. Survey completed, didn’t take long at all.

  7. Done and done.
    Hopefully I win as the Mrs recently had the horrible realisation that The Last of Us is a PS exclusive, lol

  8. When I saw the prize I expected a massive survey. It was in fact quite quick :)

  9. Done. Hope it helps!

  10. All done :) good luck everyone :)

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