Recent PlayStation Survey Could Hold Clues To Future Firmware

Market research isn’t the most exciting avenue of exploration when we’re looking for potential news to cover here. It’s a bit vague and only ever offers a hint of what the company in question might be thinking for the future. But there are a couple of potentially interesting little titbits in the latest PlayStation survey that’s being reported.

The survey was apparently sent out to certain PSN users and focuses mainly on online features that could be prioritised for future updates to the PS4.

Features such as a reputation system and the ability to change your PSN user name are suggested, alongside more mundane options like the ability to appear invisible when online and the option to have messages synchronised across all PlayStation platforms.

Source: VGXNetwork


  1. Nice ideas there, but I would hope they would focus on the more important issues first such as fixing all the problems with the sub accounts people have and giving us MP3 / MP4 support and all the other stuff we were promised.

  2. Things like:
    – message sync via PS4, PS3, PSV
    – invisibility on/off
    – chat across platforms
    …should be mandatory updates and not something to be researched “if needed”.

    • this might just be a case of working out what to prioritise though – so they might be doing all of the above but want to know what they should get out first and what can wait for a later update.

      Maybe that’s wishful thinking ;)

  3. Name change, name change name change, name change, name change name change!

  4. SO many tweaks needed to what is basically a nice OS. Is there actually anywhere to official check on feature requests or add them in anyway?

  5. Isnt on screen notifications when friends come online there already?

    • Not on the PS4, no. Which is an improvement actually!

  6. suspend/resume ?

    • That’s one of the features that stood out for me when PS4 was first announced. I’m hoping it won’t be to far away.

  7. Few nice ideas that are already in place on the Xbox. Be good to see them on the ps4 as I might get one when moto gp 14 comes out

  8. I don’t know if this is specific to inFamous SS but the DS4 battery died whilst I was playing and the game didn’t pause. It just kept on going while I scrambled through the cable drawer for the usb lead. No other issues with PS4 really but I still use my PS3 for music/streaming/bluray etc.

  9. DLNA – urgently needed.

    • Agreed. Very concerned this is still lacking on the PS4. I won’t replace my PS3 until it happens.

  10. All of those are much needed features and the ability to pause/resume downloads would be a blessing in disguise. Make it happen Sony!!

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