Remaining Sonic All-Star Racing Characters Leaked

The chap over at TSSZNews is an enterprising individual, taking the Flash from the brand new Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing and ripping it apart to review the game’s last few secrets.  Alongside all the other recent news surrounding Crazy Taxi and Ulala, the site has uncovered Big the Cat, Amy Rose, the Bonanza Bros, Chu Chu Rocket and Opa Opa from Fantasy Zone, plus Virtua Fighter’s Jacky + Akira.

That’s not all, though, he’s also uncovered a list of tracks, so alongside the already known Jumble Jungle, Jet Set Radio, Final Fortress, Curien Mansion, Blizzard Castle, and Casino Park we also now know there’s a Samba De Amigo level and one dubbed Whale Lagoon, presumably based on Sonic Unleashed.


Jolly good.