BioShock 2 DLC Confirmed

Surprising absolutely no-one, 2K Marin’s Kent Hudson has confirmed to the expected throng that BioShock 2 will be getting the DLC treatment. Considering the first game’s Challenge Room add-on and how DLC is viewed as a legitimate way of extending a game’s initial shelf-life (while bolstering the coffers of publishers), it’s hardly ground-breaking news, but, we thought we’d mention what is essentially the bloody obvious anyway.

Kent is buoyant about the prospect:


“Absolutely! We are working on pretty aggressive plans for DLC and that’s actually something that is already under-way. That is something that is mostly being run out of the Marin studio because […] the Australian studio is already ramping up on the next big thing.”

Next big thing? Now that sounds a bit more interesting.

Source: XboxInsider