Real World Vs Gran Turismo

Everyone knows that Gran Turismo is ‘The Real Driving Simulator’ they’re even kind enough to remind you of that on the game’s tag line, but the lengths Polophony Digital have gone to, to make it a perfect driving simulator are quite mind-blowing.

The video below shows a real Lexus IS-F kitted out with a GPS tracking unit which monitors the cars position as it goes around a real world track, the car is also fitted with a Control Area Network (CAN) which monitors a variety of other data like handling, braking and accelerating, right down to the rotational speed of each wheel. This vehicle and GPS data can then be saved to a USB stick and imported into a driving simulator, and yep… you’ve guessed it GT5 is one of those simulators. So you can watch a replay in GT5 of the actual real world lap, or even import it as a ghost car to race against.


Personally I’m hoping the guys at Polyphony Digital speak to the Top Gear team about kitting out their ‘reasonably priced car’ with the necessary equipment so we can race the celebs around the Top Gear test track.

Source: Thanks AndyTorr.