Trophy World 21/01/10

Welcome back to Trophy World! Sorry for the delay this week, it’s been quite the busy weekend with Bayonetta in hand… we’ve had six trophy lists posted this week, which isn’t bad at all considering the weeks before. I wonder if there was any Heavy Rain in the Battle of Forli? I sure hope so, Messer Ezio liked the Rain I hear. Anyways, here are this week’s lists for your enjoyment:

Massive Action Gamer. That’s what you need to be if you have any hope of getting that platinum. Seriously, I mean getting level 60 with each of the three factions? As TSA member Doddsy pointed out to me, you can consider it like prestiging in Modern Warfare 2, but the problem is you need to be the same faction as your friends if you wish to play together, and there is only one ‘character’ slot as far as I know, so you will have to delete your character every time. I feel that this completely defeats the purpose of being ‘loyal’ to one faction, and was a terrible decision on Zipper’s part. The other trophies don’t look simple either, and seem that they will need a lot of skill, or grinding…


Ready to rip the heads of random space marines? Aliens vs Predator is shaping up well for its release in February and looks perfect for those of you who’d like some gore to satisfy until you make Zeus pay.  Most of the trophies are easily attainable by just finishing the campaign, then a few for doing all 3 campaigns on harder difficulties. Then you have multiplayer trophies, the bane of my life. That gold trophy in particular looks pretty hard but it all depends on how much XP you get for killing something. Don’t expect this game to revolutionise but expect it to be a hell lot of fun.

Dark Void hasn’t even released yet and we’re getting DLC! Reviews so far don’t look too favourable, and seem to have the same problems I had with the demo, namely the on-foot shooting was terrible. Flying about was delightful, so it truly is a shame that they apparently didn’t concentrate on that. Also, I’m sure the addition of multiplayer would have certainly been interesting, to say the least. People racing through checkpoints, trying to kill each other in the process? Sounds fun to me! I hope these survivor missions focus on flying rather than on-foot combat, then I just may consider it.

My favourite trophy of the week is:

Aliens vs Predator/ Bronze

Get to The Chopper!
Recover Weyland’s datapad

I really do appreciate when developers take their time with trophies, it reflects sometimes how much effort they’ve put in the full game. I hope to see this continue with upcoming releases. See you next week folks!