Battlefield 1943 DLC On The Way

DICE may be a big developer but even so, the left hand should still know what the right hand is up to. Way back in September, Gordon Van Dyke of DICE said there would be no Battlefield 1943 DLC. Skip forward to January 2010 and ‘Premium DLC’ is the ‘natural step to take.’

“We need to take care of our products post-launch. We haven’t released any premium DLC for 1943, for instance, which feels like a natural step to take.” said Karl-Magnus Troedsson, Battlefield’s Executive Producer.


In other news, my wife has left me. I married her in September 2009, we had some fun for a few weeks but then I ignored her until this month, I decided I might show her some loving – but she’s going to have to pay me for it, and probably have to wait another couple of months before she gets it. She’s a bit miffed at my attitude but for the life of me I can’t fathom why. Perhaps  Karl-Magnus Troedsson can offer some advice.

Source: CVG