Halo: Reach Beta Is “Out There”

ODST shipped with the promise of a beta for the upcoming “biggest game of 2010“, Halo: Reach.  Up until now, though, news on the beta has been quiet at best, and despite the leaking of the odd screenshot from the game we’ve not seen anything of the actual playable version of the game.  Until now.

Well, it’s “out there” and very much playable, as these two off-screen photographs show, presumably from Partnernet, the press-only version of XBLA.  Oh, and yeah, that’s Sonic Adventure (apparently a port of the PC version after all) and After Burner Climax (looking awesome) on there.  Not been keeping up with the game that much, but odd that Adventure has 250 points, isn’t it?


We currently have no source for the images (found here) – if they’re yours, please get in touch.