Killzone 3 Speculation: “The Internet Is Bored”

Rumours surfaced late last week regarding Killzone 3, mainly stemming from one poster in this forum thread over at  The poster, claiming to be a game reviewer for “a lot of sites/blogs” claims that he’d have “a LOT of Killzone 3 news next month”.  Apparently, there was “talk of trying to release the game by the end of 2010 to compete with Halo: Reach.”

Well, this is the first we’ve heard of this, and unless there’s some super NDA that the poster has decided to break, I’m not entirely convinced that those dates will tally up.  We’ve spoken to a couple of people on this since the news broke last week and nobody else seems to know what the poster is talking about with regards to the “news next month”.  “The internet is bored,” we were told, and we’re inclined to agree.


If news on the next Killzone does appear, we’ll be all over it.