Star Trek Online Would Love To Beam Down To Consoles

Now that the Star Trek Online closed PC beta has ended and the game is fast approaching release (tomorrow in NA and on the 5th of February in Europe), Cryptic Studios have been talking about the next frontier – consoles.

Speaking to C&VG, Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich said:


“Definitely. We would love to get STO to the console. At launch it will just be available for the PC, but here at Cryptic we want our games across multiple platforms. But we’ll have to see how Star Trek does, and then secondly, we want to do it justice and not hurry something along just to get it on the console.”

Star Trek Online (or STO to its fervid, socially stunted fans) is an MMO set in the futuristic space-faring world dreamt up by Gene Roddenberry. Taking place thirty years after Nemesis (which we think is the one with young Picard slappin’ the bejesus out of old Picard), the Federation has since gone to pot. Of course, when were things ever rosy in the Federation? Klingons are causing havoc (no surprises there) and there’s war on all fronts.

Players get their own ship, can be Klingons if they so wish or even make up their own race. You’ll also be called “Cap’n” no matter what your actual rank is. Which is handy when the bridge is getting slammed by multiple photon torpedoes and people are looking for someone to blame.