The Internet Gets All Excited About FFXIII

The Internet has had a bit of a Final Fantasy news vomit over the weekend, mostly taken from an eight page article in the Dutch OPSM. Here is all the gossip and rumours in one handy Snatch.

Will FF13 have DLC? Square Enix could not decide but the “we’re not sure” is now a “probably”. A forum user on Neogaf has translated a Dutch magazine article.  “We initially had doubts to add extra content to the Western version but then it would have taken the international version more months of delay,” said FF13 producer Yoshinori Kitase, “We did prepare a DLC but it will arrive a little later in the West.”


When the 360 version was announced it was for only Europe and America but our friends in the East were hopeful an Xbox version would arrive at some point. When contacted about the possibility of an eastern XBox version Square Enix ‘declined to comment’. That kind of answer usually means “timed exclusive” however Xbox representatives in Singapore was contacted by AsiaOne and said, “Square Enix has not announced the availability of an Asian version of FFXIII.”  Once again that is not a definite ‘No’ but it’s a bit more ‘No’ than ‘No comment’

Final Fantasy games always have a song, who can forget the bouncy J-Pop number sang by the cast of FFX-2? The original theme song from FF13 will not be translated for the western version and instead by replaced by the song ‘My Hands’ by X-Factor popsicle, Leona Lewis. PlaystationLifeStyle have been delving in the OPSM Dutch article on the game, Producer Yoshinori Kitase explains why they choose Leona Lewis’ song;

“We have tried to translate the original theme song, but the singer had difficulties with that,” he said, “This is a new type of tactic, an experiment if you will. Why not use a different artist for every region?””If both the content and atmosphere of the song would match with the game, then we would expect it will score better within that particular region. Square Enix as a company is thinking more and more internationally and localization plays an important part within that strategy.”

More news from that Dutch OPSM interview, with DigitalSpy reporting that FF13 was originally planned for PS2.  “This time we needed to work extra hard. Final Fantasy XIII was originally meant to be a PS2 title, but we had to switch systems due to the arrival of the PS3. That cost us about one and a half years and was constantly a case of trial and error.”

Is the 360 version graphically inferior to the PS3 version? Manga and Anime site Sankaku Complex (do not click that link unless you want to see lots of panties and pictures of Bayonetta topless, NSFW!) seems to think so although their supporting evidence is a little flimsy. SquareEnix is currently touring the US in a big Final Fantasy XIII bus to promote both the Xbox and PS3 versions of the game. A ‘real person’ who has played both versions of the game on this tour bus allegedly said,

“I went to the Sunnyvale one today and got to play the 360 version. I am so very disappointed to see the difference in textures and detail of the 360 version vs. the PS3. =( I know it’s DVD vs. BD, but I didn’t think it would be that noticeable. My boyfriend told me it’s fine if I wanna stick with the 360 version, but he’s going for the PS3 one now.”

Following that, an unnamed ‘Game Journalist’ has said  “Both PS3s and 360s were being used to show off the game, which was great as I was able to see both versions running side-by-side. As expected, the 360 version was noticeably less crisp than its PS3 counterpart, but it still ran nicely.”

Both of these quotes are from unnamed people so take them with a healthy dose of scepticism.

And Finally… Those of you after details on the PS3 exclusive ‘FF13 Versus’  Sony’s Jeff Rubenstein answered a fan’s question about the game on the US Playstation Blog.  “Ah, Versus? SquEnix ain’t gonna talk about that with FFXIII coming up so soon, I know that much. When they’re ready to start talking Versus (and I don’t know when that is), I expect you’ll be seeing them here to address you all directly.”