360 Final Fantasy XIII Comes On Three Discs

GameFly are claiming you’ll be getting off your arse twice if you buy Final Fantasy on the Xbox 360 as the non-PS3 Blu-ray flavour will come on three DVDs.  Square have said this morning that you’ll need to swap disks twice during the game.

Of course, us ancients can remember switching four discs (and many more floppies) during the bygone days of gaming, so this really shouldn’t be much of a problem.


We’re more concerned about reports that the 360 version is allegedly not matching its PS3 cousin in other departments such as the game’s visuals. Sure, we all know about the compressed audio trade-off on the 360 version, but the reduced capacity of the medium on Microsoft’s platform may also be the cause of why textures are apparently less crisp.

Final Fantasy XIII launches on one Blu-Ray and three DVDs in March.

Source: Kotaku