Dante’s Inferno Gets Mission Maker

Dante’s Inferno, out this week, has one last trick up its sleeve: a special DLC pack coming at the end of April which adds new content, a new character, online co-op play and the ability for the player to create their own trials.

The DLC, dubbed the Trials of St. Lucia, will feature the eponymous angel St. Lucia of Syracuse which a second player can control and fight with Dante against the legions of Hell.


The more exciting bit is the customisable missions, though, in which players will be able to set up whichever enemies they want and then upload the trials online for other players to try to beat.

There’s no mention of price yet (although the DLC link is there in the game’s main menu already) but hopefully we’ll get some confirmation from EA shortly on precisely what the pack will contain and, of course, how much it will cost.

Stay tuned for more on Dante’s Inferno this week.