Quantum Theory And Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll Delayed

Quoting concerns regarding its “quality,” Tecmo Koei have confirmed today that cover-happy Quantum Theory will now not be making its previously stated March 25th release date.

We’re hardly surprised a postponement of this nature has occurred. After all, early previews of the game intimate that the title, though hardly a train wreck, lacks the finesse of some other titles it irrefutably emulates. Gears of War being the obvious candidate. Here’s hoping some extra time in development adds an extra level of polish to the testosterone-fuelled title.


It’s a double-whammy for Tecmo Koei though, as news has also surfaced suggesting Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll (its actual name) will also slip from its original release date. We haven’t discussed Trinity much here at TheSixthAxis in the past. A PS3 exclusive developed by Omega Force, it’s the next episode in the popular Zill O’ll series.

A screenshot from the now delayed RPG can be found below. You can find out more about the game over at its official site.

Source: Andriasang