Quantum Theory Bosses Revealed

Quantum Theory might be heading to the Xbox 360 but that hasn’t stopped TECMO concentrating on the PS3 version, and these latest shots go some way to prove that the game is still very much one to watch out for. The screens came bundled with a text-heavy JPG rather than a press release so I’m having to type this out myself – that’s the kind of guy I am. Ahem.

So, anyway, Syd and Filena are battling to save a ravaged Earth from the powered of the Dark Tower and stem the infection sweeping the globe. They’ll encounter, so I’m told, enemies so vast that team work will be the only way they’ll manage to defeat them. To celebrate the notion of team work, here are some of the baddies you’ll be facing up against.


Update: A new gameplay trailer has also been released and it looks very good. Take a peek.