‘Splosion Man Detonates At Discount Price

Infectious platformer ‘Splosion Man is this week’s ‘Deal of the Week. OK, so the week is nearly half over and we’re a little late bringing you this, but the challenging XBLA game is still available for 400 points, and will continue to be, up until February 7th.

With an 85% aggregate score on Metacritic, and the fact that it sports a whopping 50 levels and four player co-op, we’re thinking you need to come up with a better excuse other than “I’m a little uncertain about a game that starts with an apostrophe” not to get it.


For those of you who are already a-sploding and may wish to turn off potential new players due to the ongoing issue with co-op lag in the game, we’re happy to also mention that a patch released a few weeks ago has mitigated this niggling hiccup.

Thanks Destructoid