XBLA Triple Pack Goes to Retail

Quick, name your top three Xbox Live Arcade exclusive titles. If you’re anything like us, you probably had at least one or two of the games that Amazon is listing for sale in the US.

We’d recommend that everyone take this with a pinch of salt right now but there’s a pre-order listing, a price ($29.99) and a release date (April 12th) for the product in the online retailer’s inventory.


Those games are Limbo, Trials HD and Splosion (we assume they mean ‘Splosion Man, of course) which are probably right up there in most people’s prime XBLA picks. In fact, ruling out the exceptional Super Meat Boy on account of its now multi-platform status and Geometry Wars 2 on account of its age we’d go so far as to say that possibly the only game that could challenge these three for universal acclaim would be Shadow Complex.

With recent news that Sony are looking into bringing their PSN gems to store shelves and the recent release of PopCap’s mixed bag, this makes sense. It has been an awfully long time since the last Arcade bundle, hasn’t it?

Source: Amazon.com



  1. 1st

    • Ah man, really? Did you need to do that?

      • If the answer is yes (for some weird reason), you could at least add a proper comment, e.g.

        ‘Nice, I’ve been wanting these games for ages, but held off in hope of a bundle. Seems that was a good decision!’.

        Though in that time someone else might post ‘1st!!lolwftbbq’, and then you’d just look stupid ;)
        Doubt it though, we don’t get many 1st-ers(?) roun here.

    • Wow lol

      • It’s nice that it’s been a while since I’ve seen one of those stupid comments on here.

    • First the worst.
      Second the best.
      Third the royal princess

      • I call third! Wait, I meant second! Damn.

    • Shadowrider50 – that what you say to your girlfriend too?

  2. I want all three of those arcade games. If they really will be bundled together, then I will probably buy that. I NEED Limbo lol

  3. eh i’ve already bought triasls and splosion. No point spending £20 odd on it if I won’t even buy the extra 500msp’s I need :p

  4. Splosion Man is the only one I own. If this had been Trials, Limbo and Shadow Complex I would have snapped it up! Is this disc based or online codes? If its disc based I will probably still get it at some point as I’m dying to play Limbo, I’ll just wait for it to get a bit cheaper.

    • It’s a blinding bundle for anyone who doesn’t have any of them. However, I have all three so no sale for me. Then again, I can vouch for each title and they are all top drawer entertainment.

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