Would You Buy PSN Games At GAME?

Speaking to popular trade mag MCV, SCEE President Andrew House has said he wants to sell PlayStation Network games at retail.

In a move that would follow in the footsteps of Microsoft (GAME are already selling Xbox Live Arcade titles in-store) and SCEA (Gamestop sell some PSN content already), Sony Europe would shift the likes of Flower through the usual retail outlets like GAME and GameStation.


Not that this would be particularly new for a minority of titles – some retailers already stocked the likes of WipEout Fury – but it sounds like House has bigger plans.

“We would like to work with the right retail partners in Europe under the right model,” he said to MCV, “to undertake the same sort of activity [as SCEA].”

The beauty for some users is that downloaded games reside on the PS3’s hard drive, and are thus quickly accessible.  This, we presume, would see the games being disk-based, even if they only took up a small portion of the space offered by Blu-ray.

Would you be interested in owning physical copies of currently PSN-only games?

Update: it’s not clear whether House was talking about boxed disks or codes that you’d enter online.



  1. I would be interested in going to GAME, buying a display box that contains a code for the game and going home and inputting it to the Playstation Store for the download. It would introduce nice competition for prices and Sony/The publisher can’t just charge ridiculous prices. In fact this might have saved the PSP Go.

    However I don’t see the point in wasting a whole Blu-Ray disk for a PSN game that costs a few quid, I’d rather just download it.

    • Same for me, I agree completely.

      • I agree, although I dont see the need in a fancy case (save the planet and all that), but selling the codes would be much better, and would make the psn more competitive (price – wise)

      • actually it was those stupid boxes the 360 had for their vouchers, at least with PSN vouchers you get an actual blu ray case as a spare, not just a plastic box that can only fit a card in, whose pathetic idea was that anyway?

        but no, I’d rather just lie on my bed and click a button than give any money to GAME…though I agree…if it decreases prices then it can’t all be bad…can it?

    • Seconded, if only to add a little competition to the pricing! The biggest problem with downloadable titles is the fact that (sales excluded) you pay the same for a new game as you do for a game that’s 2 years old.

    • If it was like PC retail games you redeemed via Steam where you have the cd key and the disc it installs off the disc but is installed in Steam and you no longer need the disc. Then you wouldn’t need to download the game either would be useful for the bigger PSN games.

    • What’s the point in using a blu-ray disc for a game that could be put on a CD or DVD? CD/DVDs still exist!

  2. Not necessarily disc based. In the US, you can purchase PSN games from Amazon, they email you a code to put into PSN.
    Also, there was the thing with Patapon 2, where you could buy it in a box, and the box just contained a PSN code.

    So it’s not outside the realms of possibility that it’s just download codes. In which case, I’d be interested to see how competitive Game etc. would be able to be with their pricing.

  3. In short, no.

    • Same, i dont buy PSN games now, if a cheap disc, maybe

  4. Cool, many people already buy their PSN credit from retailers because it’s cheaper than buying direct through the store, so buying the game directly would cut out the middle-bit.

    Obviously GameStation & GAME aren’t that cheap, but I hoften have money in my pocket that I’d lose to my overdraft if I put it in the bank. Hopefully it does happen & is opened up up to full competition, but of course you have to wonder how much room to manoeuvre there is, because a game is digital generally because it doesn’t have the budget to be disc

    • Maybe the way forward would be to bundle certain games together then? Like Flow and Flower for example?

  5. The only real advantage I could see of purchasing a disc version of a PSN game would be if my HDD was at it’s limit.

    I imagine the price of the physical version would have to go up, for packaging, distribution etc… Personally, I’d rather pay less and be able to download the content instantly – the whole idea around downloadable content.

    The opposite of this has been done with Mass Effect 2, from a physical disc to a downloadable title. But the pricing was higher and it eats up major HDD space. Where was the sense in that?!

    • Okay, if you’re just buying codes. Then my point is invalid. I’m all for buying codes for specific content as opposed to the network vouchers.

    • While that should be true, it’s just not. I’ve never seen a game that is available on disk AND on PSN that was cheaper on PSN. It seems the retailers are able to discount significantly from the RRP.

  6. im more than happy with clicking my xmb store icon & wouldn’t & can’t see myself doing it any other way.
    (armchair retail ftw)

    • The only advantage I can think of by buying them at Game, you will get points added to your loyalty card, if you have one.

  7. I might be for some of the larger PSN games, like ‘Siren: Blood Curse’ to save the disc space.

    But generally, no, simply because it would cost me an extra £3.50 to get the bus into town to go to Game.

    • Yea bus fare has to be taken into consideration , it would cost me £3.90 here in Liverpool . Shocking the price of public transport these days.

  8. If they can do something with the price to make it cheaper then I’d consider it but I have to say the convenience of having them on the hard drive is very appealing for ‘smaller’ games that I spend shorter periods in.

  9. My gamestop currently sells downloadable PSN games. They sell them for the same price as they go for on PSN and all your are buying is a code on the back of plastic card. I was originally interested in this idea but the fact that the prices are same as they are on PSN kinda defeats the purpose. If there was a discount, even a small one i would likely switch to buying all of my downloadable games at Gamestop but that doesn’t seem to be the case

    There is one exception, for whatever reason Crash Bandicoot is $3 if you purchase it at Gamestop instead of $6 on PSN

  10. Did you do a typo? Gamespot instead of Gamestop? xD Ahhhh so anal. Sorry ;)

    • No they didn’t it’s a chain of shops but they’re mostly only in america I think

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