Freekscape And Groovin’ Blocks PSN Bound

We’d almost need someone full-time F5ing the ESRB site if we were to report on all the new titles the ratings board manage to get their hands on and indirectly announce. Lucky for you, we have such a monkey and his name is Kovacs. This morning’s offerings are Creat Studio’s Freekscape and SOE’s Groovin’ Blocks.

Freekscape is described as a platformer where players travel through a cartoony version of Hell as an imp-like creature. Expect “lava-rivers, chasms, and rocks that must be traversed to reach the goal—heaven.”


Mostly just innocent fun here, though players can “poke a trident into little creatures to use them as a spring; the creatures squirm a bit until the player lets go.” Devilish!

The description for Groovin’ Blocks is so short (“Groovin’ Blocks is a puzzle game in which players manipulate falling shapes to match and to create patterns in color-sequences through various levels.”), we’re thinking this could be a Mini. In fact, it’s already out on WiiWare and there’s an iPhone version also currently available. So, it’s a Mini then.

Both titles are listed for the PlayStation 3 and PSP only.