Five Square Enix Games In Development

Never one to rest on their laurels, Square Enix have announced that they are currently working on five titles yet to be divulged to the gaming public. Two of these five will apparently see a release in 2010.

This is in conjunction with their ongoing work on Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Final Fantasy XIV, Dragon Quest X (for the Wii), Hitman 5 (which IO Interactive are developing) two Nier games, a new Front Mission: Evolved and Supreme Commander 2. Oh, and they’re also busy getting the PS3 version of Star Ocean: International out the door for its February 9th release.


And we haven’t even mentioned the hand-helds yet (Final Fantasy XIII Agito, The 3rd Birthday and two Dragon Quest DS games). Busy bees.

It’s a safe assumption that at least one of these secret titles is yet another Final Fantasy spin-off. Maybe more than one in fact. There could also be some new IP in there of which we know absolutely nothing about. We’re assuming more will be revealed at this year’s E3 or TGS.

Source: Examiner