Friday Fight #6

Friday Fight is back. On Boxing Day we saw Nemesis challenged by the former God of War – Kratos. It appears that it wasn’t even a scuffle as Kratos won 31 of your votes while Nemesis only managed to gain 3 and two of them were sympathy votes.

To kick start this just-for-fun feature and to celebrate the release of Dante’s Inferno, today’s fight will hopefully provide you with a tough decision. So, without further ado…KRATOS vs DANTE.


Kratos’ Pros:

  • Angrier than a rabid badger
  • Go-faster stripe for intimidation
  • Two extremely sharp blades seared to his wrists via chains which can be used in all manners of destructive and violent ways
  • Magic powers, including lightning attacks
  • Penchant for ripping limbs off bodies and shoving them back down their owner’s throat

Dante’s Pros:

  • Extendable Scythe for maximum reach
  • Stitches tapestry into his own flesh
  • Magic powers
  • Rides beasts like a…beast
  • He’s a Knight

Kratos’ Cons:

  • Sluggish at times and a little slow
  • Limited attack range
  • Silly beard

Dante’s Cons:

  • Not good with kids. Especially if they haven’t been baptised
  • Copycat
  • Whipped


  1. Copycat??! Dantes story has been around far longer than gears of war, and gears of war is NOT the first hack and slash game.

  2. God of war*

  3. hehe, this was published in 2010 no one visits that far these days.

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