Thief 4 & Deus Ex 3 On Another Level

We mentioned in our Games of 2010 feature that Eidos Montréal have their hands full trying to appease both the fervid fans of Thief and Deus Ex, while also attempting to broaden their appeal to the non-rabid of gamers out there.

Thief 4 and Deus Ex 3, sequels to two properties that have traditionally attracted the more partisan of admirers, are due to hit this year across multiple platforms. And after the ardent outcry from these very same zealots when the new Deus Ex was revealed to sport a cover system, we expect the latest comments from its developer regarding the new games’ intended audience might spark social unrest.


In a recent interview, studio big wig Stephane D’Astous touched upon both games’ unique standing in their respective communities, but also how, to be successful, each must target a new user base. Stephane states:

“I think the challenges lie in that they were very well recognised and appreciated before in the past, but they need to be taken to another level. We need to make these games very attractive and accessible to a wider audience without diluting the content.”

We reckon it’s going to be quite tricky catering to both hardcore fans and a new audience, but we wait in hope to see what the Canadian developer produces.

Via Cinemablend