GW: Final Fantasy’s Best Bits

I don’t really have much to say on this particular subject as I’m not too crazy about Final Fantasy (put the pitchforks down, please). It’s lucky, then, that Roynaldo seems to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the series, so much so that he even has favourites when it comes to everything between characters and (presumably) hair styles. I’ll let him take it away then, shall I?

The TSA staff have recently been hard at work providing us with the latest developments with arguably Square Enix’s most profitable franchise. This has sparked many a debate and brought out an astonishing amount of fans of the series, even a few ‘lurkers’ I notice have signed up to throw in their two pence worth.

Final Fantasy, love it or hate it, is undeniably one of the most, if not the most successful and long running series within the RPG genre. I myself am a huge fan. I own and fairly regularly play all the titles from VI through XII. Many fans of the games have their own personal favourite aspects or ‘best ofs’. This got me thinking…maybe I could spark a little debate of my own!


So without further ado here are my ‘Best ofs’:

Best Summon: I was seriously considering going for Anima from X or even Eden from VIII but there is obviously one clean winner, it has to be Knights of the Round from VII. 12 Knights with big ass swords slicing your enemy from every angle with immense damage just has to be the big dog for me.

Best Overall Character: With so many how do you choose? Easy…you go for the cutest ,most fragile yet most immersive character of them all- Vivi from IX. It’s just a puppet!!! I hear you cry… I don’t care, I like him/her/it (did we ever find out its gender?). This choice was closely followed by Squall for being such a moody arse he actually made me giggle a few times.

Best Female Character: I just decided to sneak this one in here purely for the who’s hottest factor. I go for LuLu because I like a bird with big, uh, hands. That’s right, HANDS. Don’t judge me.

Best Weapon: This is tough, most people would automatically go for the most powerful or customize their own in the later (PS2) games. Couple this with the need to swap weapons regularly to suit the battle you are in and you are in trouble when it comes to making a choice. Despite these complications I would happily go for the Bloodsword from IX which allows you to basically damage your opponent while healing yourself in the process. Not the most powerful but tactically sound.

Best Limit Break: No contest, Omnislash for Cloud in VII, very much a mini Knights of the Round. This masterstroke of a move is obtainable by collecting points from the Battle Arena which promptly brings me to my ‘Final’ personal award.

Best mini-game/sub quest: With all seriousness I simply cannot pick just one with half of Final Fantasy games being all about obtaining secret items and the endeavours needed to get them. A few of my favourites are Blitzball from X, The Hunt Club from XII and the Triple Triad card game from VIII. We can’t forget the brilliant Chocobo treasure map game in IX, either. I could go on and on with this subject!

Of course all of this is subject to change with the imminent Final Fantasy XIII inbound on the 9th March which im uber excited about. What are your “Best of FFs”? Are there any subjects I have missed?