MAG Updates To Address PMC Balance

Zipper Interactive’s Jeremy Dunham has commented over on the official US PlayStation blog how the MAG developer are actively looking into balancing issues across the game’s three PMCs. Of course, this comes as little surprise; such an organic and changeable world inherently dictating that its masters must constantly keep it in check to remain fair and equitable.

Jeremy says:


We are always working on the balancing for all three factions — this is a job that will never truly be done since there are so many contributing factors thanks to online play, new strategies, creative exploits, etc. Don’t expect us to stop looking for things to adjust for a long, long time.

Anytime there’s the an overwhelming perception that there’s a balancing issue that needs to be addressed, we’re committed to looking into what the facts are to determine what needs to be adjusted, followed by applying those (or not adjusting things at all depending on what we find) as soon as we can.

Point in fact, our next few in-game updates are going to sport a number of significant balancing adjustments that should impact the game quite noticeably regardless of who you play as.

We’re assuming the aforementioned “overwhelming perception” is a reference to what many see as an unfair preference given to SVER on some maps. Apparently it’s next to impossible to attack their compound in one particular mode. I wouldn’t know, I’m too busy mowing down those Raven or Valor fools as they come into sight, laughing maniacally as my sniper rifle signals yet another mercenary’s soul departing to the great big PMC compound in the sky.

Via Examiner