TC’s Massive Poll: 3D

Life is full of big questions: What A levels shall I take? Shall I apply for that job? Shall I ask her to marry me? Team Andre or Team Price? All vitally important questions, I’m sure you will agree.

Today we pose another conundrum, have those pesky market analysts and advertising types got it right?


According to the media industry 3D is the next big thing, be it in movies or games. Sony is pushing 3D with a launch of a new television line and the upcoming firmware update that will turn your humble PS3 in to a 3D capable games and movie unit. Microsoft have stated the 360 is “3D ready” but have yet to publish anything specific.

The firmware upgrade for your PS3 is free but you are going to need to buy a new 3D TV to get any benefit and of course, wear a pair of 3D glasses.

Will you be embracing 3D gaming and movies? Do you think it’s little more than a passing fad? Are you happy about having to wear 3D specs just to play a game? It’s time to find out so cast your vote TSA’ers and then report back on Saturday for debriefing.