The Sims & Spore Coming To Consoles

Financial reports, gotta love ’em. Almost as useful as the ERSB for letting cats out of bags. The ‘Electronic Arts Third Quarter Fiscal Year 2010 Results’ are in but who cares about the numbers, look at the juicy game details revealed!

These are listed under “Console releases”:


Fiscal Year 2011

  • Q1 – FIFA World Cup, Tiger Woods, Skate 3
  • Q2 – FIFA 11, Madden 11, Medal Of Honor, ‘MySims Title TBA’
  • Q3 – Crysis 2, ‘Need For Speed Title TBA’, ‘DTC Game For Console Online’, ‘EA SPORTS Active Title’ x2, The Sims 3 on Console Title TBA, TBA title.
  • Q4 – Dead Space 2, ‘Dragon Age Title TBA’, ‘Shooter from Epic TBA’, ‘Spore Title TBA’

So to recap more Need For Speed, more Dragons Age, the first next gen outing for Spore and The Sims and and a shooter from Epic. I love Financial Reports, don’t you?

Source: Marketwatch