Halo Legends Q&A

I’m no movie critic. I did get a chance to see Halo Legends last night though (night in San Francisco is really early morning in the UK – we’re eight hours behind) and thought I’d let you all know of the few titbits of information that leaked out of the Q&A session that Frank O’Connor (343 Industries) did after the movie. Unfortunately, twenty-six hours without sleep meant that my mind wasn’t functioning well enough to think of a sensible question but I was still sensible enough not to ask “So will the ‘Chief and Cortana ever get it on?”.

Luckily, there were a few well-rested individual in the crowd who called out a few questions, here’s a summary of Frank’s answers:


When asked about a Halo live action movie Frank said they had to shelve that idea because of things outside their control (studio and timing issues) but they “Take it off the shelf and dust it every day”. He also said that Microsoft had the money to sit on it until the right partner came along and they are still accumulating masses of background stuff to support a movie (the back-story and fiction). Finally, Frank told us that there are no plans for new anime stuff and they are focussing their attention on upcoming books and supporting Bungie with the Reach launch.

Speaking of the Reach launch, there are Bungie guys here so I think I’ll get a chance to see that this afternoon in some form. The show starts at nine this evening, your time, so expect news to start trickling through then with the bulk of it being ready for your morning coffee. Anyone else excited?